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if i had arms... [entries|friends|calendar]

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sorry. [Wed, August 4th, 04
@ 0:05a]
i don't really like it here.
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[Tue, July 27th, 04
@ 13:32p]
i was shot last night. between the eyes. i was shot on the way to the modest mouse concert. listening to them and smiling. i was shot mid-cigarette.
since i was shot, i never found out that the concert was already over when we got there and that we saw the band in the alley and didn't know what to say. and that it took us a fucking hour ro turn left.

but it doesn't matter right?

becuase i'll never know. i was shot.
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[Sat, July 24th, 04
@ 10:10a]
its my first post. so hello. i am mollie. i was told that live journal is a party hardy. i lost hope for the future of my xanga. i hope that's the case.

good morning, i am now going to bed.
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